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Garage Door Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

If you want to immediately increase the curb appeal of your home or business, a valuable upgrade is a new garage door installation. Not only is the beauty of your home or office altered by a new garage door, a new door increases the functionality of your building. Steel City Garage Doors has nearly 25 years of experience with both commercial and residential garage door replacement. We can install all design styles and will happily help you make the right design choice for your home or office. You'll love the various advantages of having a new door when you turn to our professionals for garage door installation in Pittsburgh, PA.

Benefits to Garage Door Replacement

Replacing your garage door significantly impacts the appearance of the exterior of your home or office. When you make the change, your neighbors will see a beautiful garage door while you may see a decrease in your utility bills. There are many benefits to investing in a garage door replacement, including:

  • Potential Increase to the Value of Your Home
  • Contributing to the Architectural Style of a Building
  • Better Insulation for Decreased Energy Bills
  • A Safer Garage Door with Features Which Protect Your Family
  • Minimizing Maintenance Through Choosing a High End Material
  • Properly Sealing Your Property and Vehicles from the Elements
  • Potential Insurance Benefits 
  • Family-Friendly Use with Opener Features to Meet Family Needs

Long-Lasting Materials for a New Garage Door

There are many materials to choose from for your new garage door. A replacement door should be made from the longest lasting materials possible. Some of the more popular materials chosen for a new garage door include:

  • Steel — Easy to maintain and very durable.
  • Vinyl — It does not need painted and withstands bad weather.
  • Wood — It can be stained or painted repeatedly.
    Fiberglass — It mimics the looks of other materials, like wood, with
    less maintenance.
  • Aluminum — It is one of the most common garage door materials because
    it is easy to maintain, and available in colors and finishes of all types.
  • Aluminum with Glass — This material requires minimal maintenance and
    includes windows of the shape and size of your choice. Glass can also be
    regular, tinted, or even frosted.
Wood Doors in Pittsburgh, PA


New Garage Door Installation with Our Company

The materials used in garage doors come at various price points and can be selected to meet individual preferences. The professionals on our team will help you find the right material and color for your new garage door. Throughout our nearly 25 years of experience, we have worked with all price ranges, homes of all sizes, and homeowners with various design preferences. Our professionals are able to install every type of garage door at a fair price. Schedule your new garage door installation today.

Contact us today to schedule a garage door replacement with our team of professionals! We are pleased to serve clients in Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel, and Green Tree.